Pentair Spabrite Or Aqualight Small Spa Size 16 Color LED Upgrade Kit

Sale price$125.00


This kit allows you to upgrade your exiting Pentair® Spabrite® or Aqualight® spa lights to color LED. The front of the fixture looks like the picture below.  If it looks like that and is approximately 6 inches in diameter including the rim.  This is the kit you need.


Florida Sunseeker Pentair Spabrite Aqualight Color LED Spa Upgrade Kit

There are several options available.  First you must determine if your light is 12VAC or 120VAC.  Both look exactly the same, the only difference is the bulb inside which also looks the same.  Some counties in the US require 12VAC pool lighting by law, most don't, but you could have either.  Use the options above to select proper voltage.  Using improper voltage will destroy the bulb.

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